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The Do’s And Dont’s Of Water Damage Cleanup

water damage huntsville, water damage cleanup huntsvilleThe first hours after water damage strikes your home or business are a critical time. Depending on the actions you choose to undergo, you can limit property damage or it can be exacerbated and worsened. Because the few hours after water damage hits your property are so critical, Apex Restoration DKI located in Huntsville has compiled a list of the Do’s and Do Not’s of addressing water damage so you can make sure to handle the problem in the best way possible.

DO NOT wait to address the problem

The most dangerous thing you can do when your home or business is experiencing water damage is to wait to address the damage. The longer that water damage sits, the more structural damage that occurs to your property. Additionally, the longer your property is exposed to excess water, the greater chance there is that mold will develop, and then the water damage cleanup becomes even more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Waiting to clean up water damage has negative consequences every time. Because of this, once you discover your property is being damaged by water, you should not delay in seeking cleanup services.

DO try to locate the source of the problem and stop the water if possible

Once you discover water damage to your property, immediately try to locate the source of the damage and stop the water flow from that area, if possible. For example, if there was a rainstorm and your basement is flooding because you forgot to put down your downspout, put your downspout down. If your washing machine is overflowing, turn it off. In some situations, you may want to turn off all the water supply to your property.

Sometimes, the source of the water damage may not be able to be spotted by your untrained eye, so there may be nothing that you can personally do to stop the water causing the damage.

DO NOT do the water damage cleanup by yourself

Water damage cleanup is no simple task, and chances are high that you don’t have all of the skill and experience required to ensure that your water damage issue is handled correctly. A sloppy DIY job can even potentially lead to further water issues down the road if you do not correctly and fully address the problem.

DO contact a professional water damage cleanup company to assist you

Because do-it-yourself jobs are typically not adequate to remedy your water damage problem, it’s important to contact a water damage cleanup company to help you as soon as you discover water damage on your home or business. Professionals have the knowledge, experience, and tools to make sure that the water damage is tackled correctly without cutting any corners that could put your property at risk for further damage. If you live in or near Huntsville, contact Apex Restoration DKI to assist you with your water damage restoration needs.

Although these four Do and Do Not’s are simple, they make a significant difference in minimizing the water damage taking place and preventing future damage. Through following them, you can ensure that when water damage strikes, you are dealing with it in the best way possible.

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