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Mold growth is a common problem for homeowners and business owners in our area. The warm, humid climate we enjoy creates the perfect environment for mold to grow and thrive. Small areas of mold growth should not be alarming, but if the mold is not addressed right away it will continue to grow and spread throughout your property – causing a much bigger problem. So it is important to call a mold remediation company right away.

In some cases, mold may only be an indicator of another problem, such as a leaking roof or pipe. If you have or suspect mold growth in your property, give Apex Restoration DKI a call to have our certified mold remediation professionals evaluate your situation and recommend a remediation plan to safely and effectively remove the mold from your property.

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The Mold Remediation Process

Before attempting to remove the mold yourself, you should talk to the mold remediation professionals at Apex Restoration DKI to determine the cause of the mold growth, as well as the extent of the problem. Mold requires moisture, food, and an adequate temperature to grow – all of which can be found in most homes and businesses. If the source of moisture is not addressed first, mold may return.

While you may be able to cleanup small areas of mold yourself, larger areas should be handled by a professional contractor who is skilled in mold cleanup and remediation. Cleanup of large areas requires sealing off the affected area and very specific cleaning procedures to limit the spread and contamination of the mold spores. Apex Restoration DKI, your mold remediation company, has the property training and equipment to safely remediate mold growth in your home or business.

The typical mold remediation process includes:

If you suspect or have visible mold growing in your home or business, give us a call at Apex Restoration DKI. We are skilled mold remediation professionals, and will assess the extent of the problem so you know exactly how big of a problem you are dealing with, and how best to handle it. Call us today!

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