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Apex Restoration DKI - Healthcare Recovery Experts

When disaster strikes, nothing is more important than keeping healthcare services going. Apex Restoration DKI  understands the urgency to keep your medical facility functioning so you can continue to serve those who need it most.

With 12 locations in TennesseeNorth Alabama, and Denver, Colorado, Apex is strategically positioned to respond to your call for help quickly. A disaster emergency at your healthcare facility is a medical emergency. You require immediate action, risk assessment, damage mitigation, and an experienced team with the right tools and skills to ensure that you’re operating at safe and healthy levels.

With years of experience in healthcare recovery and restoration, we recognize the need for a specialized process to cater to the specific needs of healthcare facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s offices, assisted living homes, and more.

Our healthcare services restore healthcare facilities back to full operational readiness with minimal downtime, while keeping patient care and safety the top priority.

Healthcare Restoration Recovery

Complex Restoration Healthcare Recovery

Catastrophes can lead to flooding, water damage, fire and smoke damage, or contamination from mold and bacteria. Water can adversely affect electronics and produce rust in medical equipment, while pathogens in the air can make it unsafe for medical personnel and patients. 

Restoring your medical facility to pre-disaster conditions requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Our Apex Restoration DKI team of professional technicians is certified and experienced in the regulations and standards specific to healthcare environments. We focus on adherence to HIPAA protocols and the complexities involved in obtaining the required health certifications. 

We are experienced in identifying the risks in delicate healthcare environments and implementing the proper procedures to protect the health and well-being of patients and personnel.

24/7 One-Stop Healthcare Recovery Services

Our healthcare property restoration services include:

  • Emergency services such as board-up and site containment
  • Water extraction and dehumidification
  • Mold remediation
  • Smoke and soot removal
  • Odor neutralization and air quality restoration
  • Cleanup and disinfection of all surface contamination

  • Repair and reconstruction of building structure
  • Restoration of medical support infrastructure
  • Restoration of documents and medical records
  • Restoration of medical equipment
  • Antimicrobial treatments against healthcare-associated infections
  • Safe removal of biohazard waste
  • Removal of contaminated and damaged materials
  • Risk assessment and safety testing

Apex Restoration DKI is equipped and trained in all aspects of medical facility restoration. From critical technology to medical records, we’ll help you preserve the systems and documents that keep you running.

Restoration Healthcare Recovery Services

Trust your Medical Facility to Apex Restoration DKI

As a proud partner of Disaster Kleenup International (DKI), the largest and most respected disaster cleanup organization in North America, our disaster restoration specialists are highly trained in all aspects of restoration, repair and reconstruction.

When it comes to the restoration of healthcare facilities in particular, our specialists communicate with your medical teams to understand how your medical systems work. Together, we formulate a customized restoration plan of action specific to your facility’s hierarchy of needs in an emergency.

Our specialized healthcare restoration process goes beyond simply cleaning up your facility’s environment and equipment. Our comprehensive restoration plan takes the time to understand the exact federal, state, and local codes that apply to your facility, your patients’ needs, and what your medical teams require in order to continue focusing on patient care.

When Lives Depend On It, You Can Depend On Us

If you’re facing a healthcare facility emergency, call us today at 833-931-1460. Our Apex Restoration DKI team is ready 24/365 to get you back up and running.


The collective experience of the Apex Restoration DKI Team spans multiple years of real-world knowledge, practice and proven results in property restoration.


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Years of Compliance Reviewers & Project Coordinators


In addition to our own considerable resources, Apex Restoration DKI can leverage an extended network of DKI emergency response personnel and state-of-the-art equipment from across the U.S.


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Apex arrives at your healthcare facility immediately, often within the hour. Our quick response gives us a significant advantage in emergency solutions and mitigating further damage.

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Apex Restoration DKI has extensive experience in healthcare facility cleanup and restoration. We are the professional full-service contractors you can trust to get your healthcare facility back to normal.

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A proud partner of DKI (Disaster Kleenup International), we have the highest quality training and support in disaster cleanup and restoration.

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