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Water Damage Can Ruin Your Home

The southeastern United States has been deluged with snow and rain since mid-January. You may have water intrusion and not even know it yet. Water can seep in through your home or business, working its way down walls or through flooring.

If you discover water has found its way into your home, business, manufacturing facility, hospital, apartment complex, or townhouse, call Apex Restoration DKI right now at 833-931-1460. With 24/365 service, Apex can be at your trouble spot within the hour. We work closely with your insurance company, and your claim is completed to your satisfaction.

Your first priority is to stop the leak, and that’s our primary focus. Through tarping, board-up, and other techniques, our trained technicians ease your stress quickly. Once the leak is stopped, we begin drying your property to minimize the damage. Apex is fully equipped to solve any size problem.

Our 12 locations blanket the state of Tennessee, cover North Alabama and include Denver, Colorado, and its surrounding area. Strategic location is one key to our success because we can get to you quicker, and we are better prepared.

Apex is fully licensed and insured where we do business. Our pricing is fair, and our customer service is second to none. We handle every step of your disaster, from initial inspection and loss determination to cleaning, storing, and drying your facility and contents. If it is your facility, we will rebuild it. If it’s your personal possessions, we will clean them and return them like new.

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